Body Performance Personal Training


Body Performance Personal Training is a boutique personal training studio located centrally in Leichardt, Sydney. Body Performance specializes in One on One Personal training as well as small group training sessions.

The studio is a private environment focusing on the individual. Every second of the workout is carefully orchestrated by a certified personal trainer with opportunity for both indoor and outdoor activity all in the one place. Body Performance offers premium equipment in an ambient environment.
Whatever your health or fitness objectives are, Body Performance will get you there. We have qualified personal trainers specializing in weight loss, muscle gain, body shaping and toning, rehabilitation, strength gain, flexibility & stretching, improved posture as well as classes for boxing, yoga, kickboxing and circuit.

Body Performance will tailor a training program that suits your abilities and your goals. The training program will change as your abilities change and you develop.

One thing Body Performance prides itself on is to offer a workout which is tailored specifically for you. This does not mean that you will simply have the same routine day in day out as this can become dull and de-motivating, instead you will be constantly challenged by diverse and stimulating content of the sessions which will enable you to enjoy getting fit and realising your goals.


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